Last-Minute Mail Call: Stardew Valley and Kingdom Hearts 3

Get your questions and comments in about two modern games that'll be falling under the Retronauts spotlight very soon!

This weekend, we'll be recording several Retronauts podcasts, but at least two of them will be about extremely non-Retro games: Stardew Valley and Kingdom Hearts 3. (We'll also be recording several other podcasts, but you probably already knew that.) We've done enough podcasts on newish games that owe a lot to the past, and these two definitely fall into that category. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the culmination of 13 years of waiting for a sequel that would seemingly never come, while Stardew Valley represents extremely thoughtful and meticulous reworking of the Harvest Moon experience—a series that's been in existence for nearly 25 years.

So why am I going on about these two games? Well, I'd like to read and respond to your questions and comments about Stardew Valley and Kingdom Hearts 3 (and related topics—because you can't talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 without also talking about nine other games). And more importantly, I need them SOON: by 12:00pm PT on Saturday, March 23—that's tomorrow as of this writing. Just reply with your thoughts in the comments of this blog post, and in a few days, weeks, or months, you may hear us speak your very words on our little podcast. Sound good?