This is Rogue Five, requesting opinions about X-Wing games

Standing by for podcast....

Our next podcast recording session looms. How did this happen? Life passes us by so quickly... which must be how the X-Wing franchise has come to be more than a quarter-century old. 

This weekend, Kat Bailey of USgamer and Jason Wilson of GamesBeat will be joining us to discuss LucasArts' X-Wing saga. This does not include the Rogue Squadron games by Factor 5! Just X-Wing, T.I.E. Fighter, X-Wing Vs. T.I.E. Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance. With The Rise of Skywalker wrapping up the core Star Wars storyline this winter with a sure-to-be-unparalleled marketing push, now seems a perfect time to go back to the days when Star Wars was all but forgotten, a relic of an older era. Kind of like the Jedi Order, you know? And in those dark days, we called our new hope "Lawrence Holland's X-Wing games for PC and Mac."

Please share your thoughts on X-Wing and its sequels here in the comments, or drop me a line at jparish [at] retronauts [dot] com. Do you side with the Alliance or the Empire? Do you swoon at the sight of a T.I.E. Defender? Whatever the case, tell us about it no later than end of day Friday July 19th, so we can include your opinions in the show—hopefully.