Tell us YOUR thoughts on video game merch for an upcoming episode!

Dish about your favorite and least favorite video game wearables and be featured on a future Retronauts!

On Retronauts, we often stray outside of covering games themselves to focus on gaming culture. And for some reason, in our 13-plus years of existence, we haven't even touched the world of video game wearables! To fix this grave error, we'll be covering this very subject over the weekend, and our special guest will be a talented designer of various video-game-related things you place on and around your body. So please, in the comments below, please tell us all about your favorite and least favorite video game shirts, hats, pins, sock garters, snowsuits, and all manner of merch! (And even the things you wish you could will into existence.) But make sure you get your comments in before Saturday, November 9th! And while we welcome praise for the many wonderful Retronauts shirts we've offered over the years, flattery will only get you so far.