All quiet on the retro front

Hi everyone, remember us? has been fairly quiet for a while, and that's down to me. I've kind of made the site my baby, mainly because of my compulsive blogging addiction, and I've been fairly occupied of late: I quit my job, went on a honeymoon for a week and a half without a computer (or any interest in doing anything even remotely work-like), and started a new job. But now I'm back on the Retronauts case, and with that accomplished I do believe that (1) you'll be seeing more content here and (2) all our initial Kickstarter backer emails have been sent out to anyone who bought into a content-request level (episode theme, artwork, that sort of thing). So, we're making progress!

We expect to have our first episode live early in June. The dull, thudding impact of E3 shortly thereafter will almost certainly be something of a disruption, but we'll quite likely circumvent that by recording an episode from the show, hopefully allowing us to bring in some industry friends to participate. Exciting!

Expect to hear more from us soon.