2021 Retronauts Listener Survey

We're ready to believe YOU.

Hello! In 2021 Retronauts will celebrate its 15th anniversary and we are approaching our 400th episode. We are grateful for your continued interest in our program and we hope this is only the beginning of our operation as an independent enterprise!

To better get a handle on who listens to our show, we have written a short survey to find out a bit more about you. We want to know who makes up the Retronauts community and what it is that all you fine people want us to provide.

This survey does not require a login; it is completely anonymous. We do ask that you please submit only one set of answers. That includes those of you who already participated in our Patreon-exclusive poll; if you missed that one, feel free to answer now, but please do not answer again.

Thank you for your time! The ongoing pandemic continues to disrupt all our lives, but we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to produce this show for so many enthusiastic fans.

Answer the survey here (link will expire on June 3, 2021)