Retronauts Episode 13 Loves You, and It Loves Old Arcade Games

Retronauts 13 cover

Just a brief note here, since I'm on an island somewhere far away and time and bandwidth are limited for me at the moment. Retronauts Episode 13 is here! And it was recorded a long time ago! A few months ago, to be precise, back when I realized I needed to move across the country; we queued up a bunch of episodes all at once since I didn't know when I'd be able to return to San Francisco to host episodes in person again. So... if it seems a little weird that we're talking about things like Resogun in future tense, well, just consider this an episode of Retronauts that became "timeless" (read: dated) before it even debuted.

Arcade fanatic Sam Claiborn (of IGN fame) joins us again to discuss -- what else? Arcade games. Specifically, we're talking about the "golden age" of the arcades, with an emphasis on pre-Pac-Man works. It's a long, rambling, digressive episode, which means it's pretty much my personal platonic ideal for this podcast. It may not be particularly focused, but it's a bunch of guys talking about old games they dig. Hopefully you will agree.

Music from this episode comes from Bucker & Garcia's Pac-Man Fever, along with Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Rydeen."

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