Howard says: "Listen to Retronauts Episode 19 today!"

Nester says: "I'll listen tomorrow."

Honestly, though, it doesn't matter which of Nintendo's Goofus 'n Gallant duo you heed, or when you listen to Retronauts 19. The important thing is that you do. Uplift yourself.

Kickstarter backer Tyler Castro joins us this episode to discuss Nintendo Power, which is why we barely touched on such an influential magazine in our sprawling games publications episode a couple of weeks ago. We had to pace ourselves, you know? There's an interesting mix of hands-on perspectives in this one. Being the haggard old person of this venture, I was a Nintendo Power subscriber from day one, whereas the other guys came in somewhat later. But we all agree on the tragedy that was Nintendo Power's N64/GameCube years, and the quality of Future's revamp of the book.

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Episode description: Backer Tyler Castro joins us to discuss the flip side of our game magazines episode: Nintendo Power. Why does this propaganda rag command such affection among Gen-X types? We, the brainwashed, explore the Barnum principles behind its succcess.

Music incorporated into this episode:

  • Ninja Gaiden: The Ninja Dragon
  • Rygar: Gran Mountains
  • Power Blade: Stage 2
  • Battle of Olympus: Phthia
  • Bionic Commando: Area 08
  • Metroid: Kraid's Lair
  • Mega Man 2: Quick Man
  • Wizards & Warriors: Title Screen

Thanks again to Tyler for supporting Retronauts! And also all the other people who support it. You folks are peaches.