Retronauts Pocket 20 Explores RPGs with Modern-Day Settings

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We're all pretty big RPG fans on Retronauts, but in the (roughly) 30 years we've known them in their current console form, very few games from this genre have been set in the present day. And just why the heck is that? Well, I could tell you here, but then why would you bother listening to the episode? Thanks to Kickstarter back Juan Soto, Retronauts Pocket 20 brings you a thorough discussion of the surprisingly limited world of RPGs with contemporary settings. Joining us for this one is guest Kat Bailey, who knows her RPGs -- and you may remember a few related podcasts on this topic she hosted in the past. Anyhow, enjoy, and please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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This episode's description:

"Kickstarter backer Juan Soto brings you Retronauts Pocket episode 20, which explores the very small world of RPGs with modern-day settings. Why do we find them so captivating, and why do the majority of RPG developers rely on Tolkienesque fantasy? Listen in for answers to these questions and more with the help of Bob Mackey, Ray Barnholt, Jeremy Parish, and Kat Bailey."

This episode's musical selections:

  • 6:47 - "Signs of Love" Persona 4 (Shōji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh)
  • 18:00 - "SMILE" Persona 4 (Shōji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh)
  • 26:16 - "Heartbeat, Heartbreak" Persona 4 (Shōji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh)
  • 42:51 - "The Battle for Everyone's Souls" Persona 3 (Shōji Meguro)

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