Retronauts Pocket Episode 21: Joe & Mac

This episode of Pocket certainly doesn't live up to its namesake, but I'd be lying if I said I expected it to turn out that way. This week we talk about Data East's Joe & Mac franchise, but there were only four games to talk about, so how could we get close to an hour of talk? Well, we did, and chalk it up to four games that are pretty different from one another -- Joe & Mac, aka Caveman Ninja, started as a straightforward arcade platformer, but Data East then shoved a different character under the umbrella, then changed up the formula for the next game, and then made the fourth and final Joe & Mac into essentially a Tumble Pop sequel. With characters like Bonk and Master Higgins staying pretty consistent in their game styles, you have a little less to talk about. But with Joe & Mac, there's several talking points in each installment. But that's what makes a good discussion! Join me, Bob, Jeremy and our guest, Mikel Reparaz from fellow podcast Vidjagame Apocalypse as we talk about this funky caveman duo (and their "country cousin," Congo) and what makes their games so appealing. And maybe you caught Bob streaming the original Joe & Mac a day before we recorded -- if not, check it out for his guided tour through the game.

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