We Need YOUR Questions and Comments About 3D Sonic Games for an Upcoming Episode!

In a first for podcasts, participate for the chance to hear US read YOUR words! And respond!

In what can only be called "serendipity," or perhaps "a small degree of planning on my part," my two main Retronauts episodes over the next two months will cover the first two Sonic Adventure games (and you can get the first episode right now if you're a patron). To complete this triforce of content, I've decided to make my Micro for this month a mailbag about the 3D Sonic games—though hopefully you listeners will stick to the somewhat older ones. So if you have any burning questions for us about 3D Sonic games, or want your thoughts on this topic to be a permanent fixture on the Internet in audio form, please reply to this blog post no later than 8:00am PT on Wednesday, April 11th! Since we Retronauts are all kind of on the same page about these games, different opinions are welcome!