A true expert perspective on SEGA Genesis

I told you we'd get a pro on here, but you didn't believe me. Why didn't you believe me?

Last week we celebrated the SEGA Genesis's 30th anniversary. It was a pretty good episode, filled with listener commentary about their own SEGA memories. But, hey, we openly admit we all grew up as Nintendo kids. There are no embers of the fires of console war resentment simmering in our hearts, yet we also realize that not having been active SEGA gamers back in the days when Genesis was new and exciting and you could eat the Fruit Roll-Up that came packed in every copy of Gunstar Heroes without fear of food poisoning, we can't speak to the system's lifetime with the passion of someone who was there in the trenches. But that's OK, because in this bonus episode, we found someone who can: Ken Horowitz of SEGA-16, which is pretty much the most exhaustive English-language internet resource available about the console, its history, and the people behind it. So, there you go.

Ken has tons of perspective and info to share here. My only regret is that this episode couldn't be longer! Maybe next time.

Retronauts Episode 182
SEGA Genesis 30th: Expert mode
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Episode description: Ken Horowitz from Sega-16.com joins Jeremy to offer some perspective on SEGA's 30-year-old console from someone who's on the front lines with it nearly from the beginning in this side story to our recent Genesis anniversary tribute.