Explore the history of Fallout, Wasteland, and more in Episode 194

Direct from the man himself: Brian Fargo.

I realize Retronauts has been a bit interview-heavy of late, but what can I tell you? Is it my fault I keep lining up conversations with the people who helped create immensely influential video games and have all kinds of unique first-person insights to share about their work? One might even go so far as to say that's kind of the entire point of this whole endeavor.

Well, whatever the case, this week's interview subject is InXile boss Brian Fargo, who took time out of his busy schedule of launching multiple sequels to classic RPG franchises (The Bards Tale IV and Wasteland 2) to recount his experiences launching the games that kicked off those series in the first place. We also talk about Fallout a bit—that's the original Fallout, not Fallout 76. You know, the one everyone likes.

Huge thanks to Brian for taking the time to share his memories, and to Cassie Hart Kelly for this week's amazing cover art!

Retronauts Episode 193
Retronauts Episode 194: Retronauts Episode 194: Brian Fargo on Wasteland, Fallout, and The Bard's Tale
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Episode description: Interplay and InXile boss Brian Fargo offers fresh insights into his pioneering work with role-playing games like The Bard's Tale, Wasteland, and Fallout.