Retronauts Episode 395: Breath of Fire III & IV

This week, we discuss the PlayStation adventures of Ryu and Nina.

In what may well be an all-time Retronauts record for rapid topic follow-ups—or at least for the episodes I've hosted—this week we field a patron request from Andrew Duff to create a sequel (or is that sequels?) to Episode 380, which focused on Breath of Fire and its first sequel. No prizes, then, if you have managed to deduce that this episode looks at Breath of Fire III and IV. Will we tackle Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter in an equally speedy manner? I promise you we will not! But, someday.

Joining me this week are Nadia and Breath of Fire pro-level expert Patrick Kulikowski. (Art by John Pading, and edits by Greg Leahy.)

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