Retronauts Pocket Episode 2: Captain N: The Game Master

Retronauts Pocket 2

If you were born between 1975 and 1985, there's no doubt Captain N: The Game Master once stood as the foundation of your Saturday morning cartoon and cereal orgy. Coming into creation at the end of a very long and dark period for television animation, this cheaply animated, glorified Nintendo commercial kept a nation of kids glued to their sets, if only for the chance to see their favorite characters as more than just fuzzy blobs of pixels. On this installment -- which echoes some of our Movie Month episodes of the past -- we sat down to talk about Captain N's first episode, "Kevin in Videoland," which is only a quick Google search away. But since you're nice, I'll embed it below:

We've talked about Captain N before on Retronauts, but only in the superficial way that everyone does -- because it's not as if this show merits serious analysis in any way. But I wanted to examine Captain N as both an artifact of animation history, and a marketing tool for Nintendo, all while avoiding the same jokes that have been circulating for 20 years (okay, we make about three of them). Anyhow, I'd love to use my mini-episodes to take a look at more media like this, so please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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