Retronauts Pocket Episode 5: The Media vs. NintendoMania

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Hey, it's another episode of Retronauts Pocket! And this time around, we decided to take a look at the always-misinformed media's reaction to late '80s NintendoMania. What is this mysterious grey box from Japan, and how can we free our children from its pixellated tentacles?  Modern media giants Bill O' Reilly and John Stossel asked these questions 25 years ago, and we recommend you check out their respective segments before digging into our own discussion:

Inside Edition (1988)

20/20 - "Nuts for Nintendo"

"Video Mania" (1991)

This episode's description:

"In what could be the most John Stossel-heavy Retronauts episode of all time (we hope), your favorite classic gaming buddies and special guest Henry Gilbert (of GamesRadar) take a look at how the media reacted to Nintendo conquering a generation of children in the late '80s. Sit back, relax, and get ready to hear middle-aged adults growing progressively crankier about how kids can't stop playing those damned vidya games."

This episode's outro music:

"Super Mario Bros." arranged by Motoi Sakuraba for Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange Sound Tracks

Thanks again to Henry Gilbert, and be sure to check out his work on GamesRadar and the Laser Time Network!