Death Adder goes forth: A history of Golden Axe

The story of Sega's venerable arcade hack 'n' slasher.

Well hello there! I've been off for a week that was mostly spent in Manchester for the Play Expo, from which you can expect a bunch of quality content (as the youths like to call it) through the next few days. But first, there's a new video to post -- and it's all about Sega's almighty Golden Axe. As ever, you can watch the video here:

This is a video I've actually done before -- way back in 2012, when it was one of the first multi-game videos that I did. It wasn't bad for the time, but needless to say I could have done a lot better -- and this is an attempt to do that! The first video only really covered the three Mega Drive games in any great detail, after all...this one goes into the original Arcade and its development, the Mega Drive games, a ton of ports of the original (the majority of which are surprisingly very good as it goes), Master System spin-offs like Golden Axe Warrior and Ax Battler, The Revenge of Death Adder and The Duel...and of course, the most recent game of the lot, Golden Axe: Beast Rider. There's a lot here, to be sure.

Sega arcade games are always something that bring about a lot of nostalgia, and Golden Axe in particular is a case of that; it must have been one of the very first games that I played in the Arcade, for a start -- when I started going into them, I remember a Golden Axe machine being in virtually every one that I went to...and seeing as it had been around for a couple of years at that point, it was usually free. I might have heard Wilderness in full more than any other game song, simply due to how often I've played the game over the years -- and thankfully it doesn't get old, and at its best this game sure doesn't either. There may be a few duds in the series, but generally it's a lot of fun to go around and slash the crap out of people. As ever, hopefully you get that from this video, and that you enjoy it.