YouTube Round-up #2 | The hunt for rare Speccy games in Pahokee

On the lookout for the fox in the box.

It's Friday again, so it's time for me to ruin all the work that you were planning to do this weekend with a bunch of YouTube videos from this week that were pretty good and that you should be watching. You should thank me, really -- let's face it, creosoting the fence can wait another seven days. There's content afoot! So without any further ado, let's get right onto it.

  • It wouldn't be a round-up without something to do with the Amiga. Dan Wood, co-host of the almighty Retro Hour, has got his hands on an Amiga 3000 and gives us an overview and some thoughts on what he plans to do with this fairly rare system.
  • Pushing Up Roses always has some unique spins and takes on games in her reviews -- her latest video for A Mortician's Tale uses the game to talk about the Death Positivity movement. An intriguing watch.
  • There's been a LOT of restoration this week. If you're looking for something PC-based, then this video from Lazy Game Reviews taking on a 1998 Packard Bell Multimedia PC might just be up your alley.
  • Maybe you're looking for something totally different -- if so, then a video about why Pahokee is the worst town in Florida (no small feat, I'm sure) might provide you with the goods. BrightSun Films delivers on this one.
  • And finally, it's always nice to see videos that remind me of the great time I had in Manchester at the PLAY Expo last month. Onaretrotip just released his overview of the event, and once again gets across just what a fantastic time it was.

And that'll do it for another week! If you've seen anything particularly awesome this week that you'd like to add to the turmoil, then don't hesitate to highlight it in the comments. Ta very much for reading, have a solid weekend, and I'll see you next Friday for some more Tubey goodness!