A new series about Southend's once glorious seafront

May contain A E S T H E T I C S.

Evening all, hope you enjoyed thanksgiving and all of that. Obviously we don't celebrate such things here, although we have had Black Friday deals all of last week and this week too thanks to you for...um, reasons. Anywyay, it's Monday which means it's time for a video post -- and today's is a little different. It's the trailer for Disappearing Southend, a new video series by me which will cover the arcades and attractions of my hometown, Southend-on-Sea in England.

What's the deal with this, then? Like many of the UK's seafronts, Southend's does have quite a history -- it's home to the longest entertainment pier in the world, after all. It's hosted many famous attractions over the years, most of which are sadly gone now. And the arcades themselves were just about the best thing a kid could have -- an entire strip filled with them, with near enough every classic Arcade machine you care to mention passing through them over the years...and yet even that isn't the case anymore. Things have most certainly changed -- partly due to gentrification and the like, but also simply due to stagnation.

Disappearing Southend is an attempt to document that, and will be kicking off in 2018. Each episode (there are no current plans for how many there will be) will cover a certain attraction in detail -- both the history, and where it is now.. A good chunk of this will be in the usual extensive Kim Justice manner, but I also want to get as much of the experience of being in these places as I possibly can. It should certainly be interesting, and I hope that you'll join me on the ride. For now though, do check out the trailer above.