Retronauts Episode 617: NARC

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Do you remember the 80s? Do you really? If you do, you know it wasn't all pink and turquoise neon lights. The decade had its share of darkness, and few things cost as much resources and human lives as the War on Drugs did.

As American politicians and law enforcement vilified drug users and pushers alike, one arcade game took the "just say no to drugs" approach to extremes, arming players to the teeth and tasking them with cleaning up the streets. Turns out nothing says "no" louder than a rocket launcher.

Host Diamond Feit, joined by Jeremy Parish and David Oxford, recount the strange tale of NARC, the political climate that brought it into reality, and the bizarre 2005 reboot that utterly failed to recapture the original arcade game's charms.

Description: Just say "yes" to Diamond Feit, Jeremy Parish, and David Oxford as they D.A.R.E. to remember NARC, a classic 80s arcade game that took the War on Drugs literally.

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Artwork for this episode by Nick Wanserski and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.