Enjoy a taste of paradise in the most bewildering Game Boy Works yet

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

This week's Game Boy Works entry is much shorter than the other videos I've been producing lately, but there's a reason for that: I had the devil's own time trying to find much of anything to say about this game. It's short, its mechanics feel underbaked — that's a topically appropriate food pun, by the way — and I can find no information whatsoever about who actually created it. HAL Laboratories produced a game back in the early ’80s called Mr. Chin, but it had nothing to do with this one (so far as I can tell). The one game to which it does have a connection shipped around the same time on different platforms and had no mechanical similarities to this Game Boy project whatsoever. And since this was only ever released in the U.S. from a long-defunct publisher of Japanese games, its origins have receded into the mists of time. I couldn't even find any promising names associated with publisher Romstar to track down for a lead on this. I'm at a loss.

But my bafflement is worth at least five minutes of amusement for you, right? Right. So… enjoy this head-scratching look at the obscurity known as Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise. I guess.