Go inside Axiom Verge in episode 129

A lengthy chat with the men behind what might be the finest fake retro game of the decade.

One of my goals for Retronauts now that it's a full-time venture has been to greatly increase the number of developer interviews you hear on the show. It's been a slow burn so far this year, but those efforts are beginning to pay off — I've been able to line up quite a few interview episodes in recent weeks, and I have a few more in the works. To kick off this particular chapter of the podcast, what better place to start than with the guys behind Axiom Verge, Tom Happ and Dan Adelman?

Sure, Axiom Verge isn't an old game — it debuted less than three years ago. But it has an old soul, old bones, and it ties neatly in with all the Metroidvania episodes we've been recording over the past few months. So please do enjoy an hour and a half of conversation about the genesis and design of this brilliant riff on recapturing the spirit and mystery of 8-bit games.

This episode neatly coincides with the recent retail release of the game on pretty much every platform imaginable. If you haven't had a chance to play Axiom Verge yet, definitely consider picking up a copy of the new Multiverse Edition for your console of choice. 

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Episode description: Jeremy chats with Axiom Verge creator Tom Happ and conspirator Dan Adelman to learn more about the origins and inspirations behind one of the greatest retro-inspired games of the past decade.

The episode's music, of course, comes from the game itself. Like everything else about Axiom Verge, it was created by Tom Happ.