Enjoy a peek into the future through listener mail

Enjoy previews of upcoming episodes in this Micro episode.

We often like to include a mailbag segment in our episodes so that Retronauts isn't just us jabbering about our opinions; it's nice to jabber about other people's opinions from time to time, too. Alas, sometimes episode sessions run so long we don't have time to include all those nicely written points of view! When that happens, you get the runover in the form of a standalone mailbag episode. Like this one.

This mailbag actually touches on several topics whose corresponding episodes haven't seen the light of day yet, which means this Micro podcast doubles as a preview of things to come. That includes Dragon Quest (which you'll be seeing—er, hearing—in a few weeks) and Final Fantasy VII (which is... um, still a ways out). Yes, Retronauts is a show about the past, but today it's a show about future discussions of the past. Deep, man.

USgamer writer and long-time friend of Retronauts (she was on the prototype episode for Retronauts back in 2006!) Nadia Oxford joins us via Skype to help work through some thoughts and opinions from you, the Retronauts community. Ain't that grand?

Retronauts Micro 95
Mailbag: Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Quest, and more
MP3, 22.2 MB | 47:03

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Episode description: Nadia Oxford dials in to swap listener mail submissions with Bob and Jeremy for episodes we've recorded but not yet published. Get a preview of things to come in the weeks ahead with community opinions on Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy VII, and more!