Where do we go now?

At this point, I can't imagine our Kickstarter won't reach its next stretch goal of $52,000. We still have nearly a third of the Kickstarter campaign to go, and we're less than $4,000 away. That tier, as mentioned, will pay airfare and accommodations for the three of us to attend three different conventions or shows somewhere in the U.S. and -- convention organizers willing -- present a live panel to you. Provided you are at the show. And, if not, we'll have to record and publish them in our new, forthcoming podcast RSS feed instead.

With the 52K mark so close at hand, we need to start thinking about our convention plans for the year. Retronauts has been a presence at PAX and PAX East for an alarming number of years now, and it would make sense for us to maintain that tradition... but is that too easy an answer? We know classic gaming conventions happen all around the country, and even events like New York Comic-Con may not be specifically tied to games but certainly have video game connections. I think we're all quite open to new ideas and opportunities.

So, we put the question to you, readers and followers: Which three conventions would you like to see us attend in 2013/14? Which cities should we drop classic gaming knowledge bombs on? We make no promises -- and who knows, maybe we won't quite make it to 52K after all, so it could end up being moot -- but we have our fingers crossed and our minds open.