Episode 185 celebrates the PlayStation's finest tunes

These timeless PS1 tunes are like Bowie: They'll never let you down.

The PlayStation Classic mini-console arrives this week, and it seems to be netting... well, let's say "mixed" reviews. A mixed bag of reviews, as it were. Some good games, some not-good games, some games inexplicably released in their slow-performing PAL incarnations despite superior NTSC versions being available, decent but not mind-blowingly good emulation despite the fact that there's an entire PS1 emulation ecosystem available on PlayStation Vita/PSTV. It's all kind of weird and a bit frustrating!

Still, even if early word on the mini PS1 isn't all positive, there are some greats on there. And you know what helped make PlayStation games so great? Their soundtracks. And that, friends, is what this episode is all about. But you knew that already, because we built this episode around your musical suggestions.

I present this episode by taking a somewhat controversial stance: Namely, that PlayStation was the peak of video game music. It's fine if you disagree! But I do challenge you to listen to this episode from start to finish before you take up a counterargument. What you hear here is really only the tip of the iceberg for PS1.

Retronauts Episode 185
The Music of PlayStation 1
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Episode description: Shane Bettenhausen joins Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, and a plethora of Retronauts listeners to enthuse about the games that took advantage of Sony PlayStation's groundbreaking audio capabilities by including bangin' soundtracks.