We unwrap (and unpack) Evangelion on Episode 189

Just in time for Christmas! Maybe don't listen to this one at holiday mass, though.

An exploration of a secular reinterpretation of Christian lore just in time for a holiday based on a Christian appropriation of secular lore? How deep does this thing go!?

Yeah anyway. A few weeks ago, Netflix announced it would be bringing seminal anime Neon Genesis Evangelion to streaming, worldwide, in the new year. As it happened, we ended up with a gap in our recording schedule a few days later, so we did what any big dumb nerds would do and took it as an opportunity to talk about the show and its gaming legacy. At least as best as we could—given the short lead time on this and the fact that not a single Evangelion game has ever been released in English, this ain't exactly the deepest conversation we've had. At least not on the gaming side; on the anime side, we maybe go a little too deep, with a chat that surely only makes sense to people who have seen the show. So, uh... Merry Christmas?

If you're an Eva fan already, enjoy! If you've never seen the show, uh... maybe wait to catch it on Netflix and revisit this episode later. I don't know! It's your life, we can't tell you what to do. It's not like we're Commander Ikari or something, sheesh.

Retronauts Episode 189
Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Episode description: You mustn't run away… from this episode! Classic sci-fi anime Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to Netflix soon, and Wes Fenlon and Henry Gilbert join Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey to explore the show, its legacy, and (of course) its video game tie-ins.