Greet the new year by exploring the old in Episode 191

A goofy, if not surprising, new twist on a long-time Retronauts standard.

We end 2018 today and begin the new year tomorrow. And, as has long been the Retronauts custom to mark the need to throw out one calendar and buy a replacement, we're looking back in time across the decades. The arrival of 2019 means that, by our increasingly ill-fitting standard of "10 years means we can talk about a topic on the podcast," anything released in 2009 will be eligible for discussion in the coming year. Old-school games like, uhhhh, Minecraft. Hmm. Well, try not to think too hard about that; the important thing is that we've decided to revisit the bygone years of 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, and of course 2009... 

But guess what? This is a Retronauts East episode, and the first ever to bring all the regulars together at once! And that means... well, it kind goes off track early on due to all the banter, good-natured ribbing, and interesting digessions. We only made it to 1989 this time around, and even then we only got like halfway through the year! We didn't even talk about NES games or the launches of SEGA Genesis, Game Boy, and TurboGrafx! Good gosh. Guess we'll have to run a follow-up.

But, that said, the makeup of this group means you're going to get a lot more information on gaming in 1969 and ’79 than on any previous retrospective rundown we've recorded. 

And no, despite the cover art, there is no discussion of Super Mario Bros. 2 this episode. That was an ’88 release. I just wanted to represent bygone decades assailing the new year. Sorry for any dashed hopes there.

Finally, thank you for your support in 2018! It's been our best and most successful year ever! Here's hoping 2019 can be even bigger and better.

Retronauts Episode 191
The 2019 Years-In-Review Revue Pt I: 1969 - 1979 - 1989
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Episode description: The whole East gang's here: Ben, Benj, AND Chris join Jeremy for the traditional New Year's look back at 10/20/30/40 and even 50 (!) years ago. Naturally, the usual Retronauts East banter and digressions take the whole thing so far off track we only get halfway through our planned discussion this time through. See you for the follow-up in 2019!