Episode 193 dunks on video game history

...slam dunks, that is, with the history of NBA Jam, and more!

We jump in the Wayback Machine for this week's bonus episode, all the way to March of last year, when this podcast was recorded. Yikes! 

This conversation happened at Game Developers Conference 2018, but the good news is that the nature of this podcast means the conversation remains relevant nine months later. Whatta relief! Anyway, Mark Turmell is an interesting and good-natured fellow, and he was very generous to sit in on this podcast to jaw about his early days as a programmer and designer.

If you'd like to know more about NEMO, I expanded this interview into a deeper dive on the console for Polygon a couple of months ago.

Art this episode is once again by Cassie Hart Kelly!

Retronauts Episode 193
Retronauts Episode 193: Mark Turmell on NBA Jam & NEMO
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Episode description: In an episode that's nearly retro itself, we go back to GDC 2018 for an interview with Zynga's Mark Turmell on his historic work, including NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Hasbro's failed NEMO console, and the spiritual connection between arcade and mobile gaming.