Grab some snacks and enjoy our NES Disney Afternoon podcast

Unless you are TaleSpin, in which case please see yourself out the door.

What good is nostalgia if it doesn't transport you back to when you were eight years old? And what could possibly be more effective at transporting you back to the age of eight—provided you are of A Certain Age—than revisiting the Disney Afternoon cartoon lineup? Or, more to the point, the Capcom-published games based on the the Disney Afternoon cartoons.

We meant to record this episode a couple of years ago, back when the excellent Disney Afternoon Collection hit PS4 and Xbox One. Those plans never quite panned out, and that's OK! Because the delay meant we could bring in two special experts: Nina Matsumoto, who illustrated the box art for the collection, and Chris Sims, who has a frightfully exhaustive knowledge of the Duck family comics that so much of the Disney Afternoon 'toons drew upon.

Sometimes, it's worth the wait. Well, hopefully you'll agree. If nothing else, please enjoy being eight years old again.

We apologize to everyone who is offended by our TaleSpin hate. But not really.

Episode 207: Capcom's Disney Afternoon
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Episode description: East meets West, and then some! Jeremy Parish and Chris Sims (east) meet with Bob Mackey and Nina M. (west) to talk about the franchise that brings people of all coasts together: Capcom's Disney games for NES.