Take one last look at Game Boy's legacy in Episode 217

With live recordings from Midwest Gaming Classic 2019.

Hey! Did you know Game Boy turned 30 last week? Oh, you did? Well, yeah, OK. The topic may have come up here. Once or twice.

Well, Bob and I traveled to Midwest Gaming Classic a couple of weeks ago to talk about Game Boy in front of a live audience, with the help of friends Chris Kohler and Caitlin Oliver. Since we had already recorded a proper Game Boy retrospective episode of Retronauts, we treated this panel as a complentary discussion rather than rehashing the same points—so the conversation in this week's bonus episode is not a rehash of the Game Boy podcast from a few weeks ago but rather an extension of that other discussion. Wasn't that thoughtful of us?

I do stress that this, being a Friday post, is a bonus episode. Which is to say, extra. Which is to say... uh, well, the panel audio on the second segment is awful. Jason Gares of Video Workbench Productions captured the proper panel, but the Heiankyo Alien discussion was a sort of impromptu thing at a makeshift theatre on the convention show floor, with no sound tech on hand and no recording equipment. I had to record that chat on my iPhone, which is definitely not ideal.

Think of it as a bootleg concert recording. I've paid money for worse!

Retronauts Episode 217: Game Boy at Midwest Gaming Classic
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Episode description: Live! Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Chris Kohler, and Caitlin Oliver discuss the Game Boy's 30-year legacy. Then Jeremy and Bob talk up the magic of Mindware's Heiankyo Alien in an impromptu chat recorded bootleg-style. [Art by: Cassie Hart]