Ion Maiden becomes Ion Fury thanks to litigation

Hell and fire was spawned to get a release date

Edit: This article was written shortly before the transphobic content in Ion Fury was discovered. The praise in this article, therefore, can be ignored. Do not buy Ion Fury.

Hoorah! Crinkly old rockers Iron Maiden have unleashed their most powerful record yet - a court record. Yes, they've done what is arguably the most metal thing ever; sue an independent gamedev house because their game's name (Ion Maiden) sounds like their own name, Iron Maiden. Lads, nobody is going to confuse the two of you! Here's a fantasy scenario, starring two generic guys:

Andy: Hey, Bob, is that videogame you're playing the band Iron Maiden?

Bob: No, because it is a videogame and not a band.

Andy: Oh, I see. Yes, that stands to reason.

Bob: Also, it is clearly distinct from Iron Maiden, because it is good.

See? It's never going to happen. It's absurd to suggest otherwise. But whatever. The band's lawyers brought 3D Realms' figurative daughter to the copyright slaughter, and Ion Maiden is now Ion Fury. It could have been worse – Maiden could have demanded inclusion of their music. But – thank Christ - we're still getting the game, Bruce Dickinson-free. And what a game!

Ion Fury, if I must, is a throwback FPS built in, er, the Build engine that brought us Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood and, most importantly, Witchaven. It’s been in Early Access for a fair while now, and the preview levels I’ve rinsed are fast-paced, incredibly authentic, secret-packed slices of sheer excellence. It’s a true throwback with none of the awkward tech issues but every bit of the fascinatingly labyrinthine level design that made the Build games so utterly playable. Playing it, I’d find myself utterly lost in the environments – in every sense of the word.

Along with the reveal of its new name, Ion Fury, the full game's release date is finally here - August 15th, as revealed by a very high-octane trailer. It's PC-only at first, but due to hit consoles this year, too. Believe me when I say that this lives up to classic retro first-person shooters, and that it's well worth your time and money.