Game Boy Works returns, now in Color

Nintendo knew where its portable bread was buttered with this one.

With Virtual Boy Works more or less put to bed, the time has come to move on back to Game Boy Works. But I think we've had enough monochrome for the year—don't you? If only there were a way to play Game Boy games in a more colorful fashion...

And so we have the equivalent of a TV series that undergoes a time skip between seasons. I've jumped ahead 8 years from the current run of Game Boy Works from October 1990 to October 1998 to bring you Game Boy Works... Color. Thanks to Retronauts pal Chris Kohler, who lent me an official Game Boy Color dev tool called the Wide Boy 64, I'm able to plug Game Boy Color carts into my Nintendo 64 and capture them from the closest thing imaginable to real hardware in lovely RGB quality.

We begin the journey into chromatic delight with a nice basis for comparison: Tetris DX. Tetris was the killer app for the original Game Boy, and its appearance here as Game Boy Color's launch says a lot about the nature of the system and Nintendo's intentions for it.

I haven't given up on the original Game Boy line, of course. I'll be leaping back and forth in time to explore monochromatic and full-color portable games. Sometimes, though, a little variety can be nice.