Episode 234 is like listening to Spider-Man 2's origin issue

A conversation about, and then with a classic's creator.

Way back, 99 episodes ago—a lifetime in podcast years!—we tackled the legacy of Spider-Man games through the years. And then, because that extremely broad topic was far more than we could reasonably tackle in a single episode, we revisited the topic by discussing latter-day Spider-Man games back in episode 204. And now, here we are, at episode 234, and it's time to talk Spider-Man yet again.

This time is different, though! Yes, yes, that's what the villains say every time. But, no, seriously: This time we brought along the designer and tech lead of the most beloved Spider-Man game of the standard-def era: Jamie Fristrom, one of the creative and technical leads on Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 2. 

This is the first of four interview episodes I recorded back at this year's Game Developer's Conference with the creators of multiple classic works. It's a fairly casual and wide-ranging conversation, but I promise Jamie and I do talk Spider-Man 2. And there's even a 20-minute lead-in with the Retronauts East crew as we provide a little context to the interview, in case you had somehow missed the previous Spider-Man episodes.

Retronauts Episode 234: Spider-Man 2 with Jamie Fristrom
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Episode description: The Retronauts East crew looks back at the legacy of beloved superhero classic Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 2. Then, Jeremy Parish talks to designer/tech lead Jamie Fristrom about the game's creation.