Jedi Outcast: A new hope for Star Wars re-releases?

"They'll soon be back, and in greater numbers."

Relatively recently in the galaxy we're in right now, actually

As you will no doubt be aware, Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast has been re-released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It will be followed in 2020 by its sequel, Jedi Academy. While this is all obviously terrific news, you may find yourself thinking “hold on, you’ve skipped a couple, there.” Indeed, Kyle Katarn’s inaugural adventures Dark Forces and Jedi Knight are conspicuous in their absence.

I can only assume that Jedi Outcast is either easier to port or generally more marketable. Unfortunately I have found it barely playable on the Switch. It’s pretty much a direct PC port and hitting enemies with a blaster is very, very difficult, due to the enemy’s AI seeing them roll out of the way under the assumption that you’re using a mouse with all the precision that affords. There are gyro controls, which helps a little, but the game is still inordinately difficult until you get the lightsaber a few levels in.

So, while it’s a bit of a bodge job, it’s a promising sign that Disney’s new Star Wars canon hasn’t actually signed a death writ for legacy re-releases. The floodgates could well be open. Of course, we did get a few games on PS4 a while back (Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Racer Revenge, etc), but I believe I speak for us all when I drop to my knees and implore the Mouse to sodding well put Rogue Squadron and its sequels on the Switch. Just give them to us, benevolent rodent. Rogue Leader. Rebel Strike too, why not? They could even do a Star Wars compilation of the NES and SNES games. As mentioned, they did Super Star Wars but never got around to Empire or Jedi. And I want that Japanese NES game where Darth Vader turns into a scorpion, too! The sky (walker) is the limit!

Whether or not my Star Wars-tie-in-based dreams come true, at least we’ll always have the new movie this Christmas to entirely unite the fans in mutual appreciation. Cheers.