Doom 64: wait even longer for this long-awaited re-release

Midway's superb sequel is coming to all formats in March

Doom 64 is coming to things! Why didn't I talk about this when it was announced!? Did I talk about it when it was announced? (Quickly checks) I didn't! I must be losing my mind!!

Doom 64! That's the Doom game for Nintendo 64! From 1997! It's coming to things! Specifically, to Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s long been one of the foremost pipe dream re-releases for me and many other intelligent, handsome people. And, at last, it’s coming. Next March. That’s… entirely too far away. But then, Doom Eternal, the no-doubt vastly inferior game it’s presumably promoting, has been delayed until then. Therefore, as a (spit) pre-order bonus, Doom 64 is also on the bench. I was briefly apoplectic with white-hot rage that the only way to get Doom 64 would be to pre-order a £59.99 PS4 game, but thankfully it will also be sold separately.

Why am I so excited about Doom 64, I hear you ask? Surely it’s just an inferior port of id software’s demon-perforating masterpiece? Wrong! Wrong, you idiot! It’s a whole new game! A whole new set of levels with brand new graphics and lots of cool new stuff! In several ways, Doom 64 is a more faithful follow-up to Hell on Earth than id’s polarising Doom 3, with that classic OG Doom gameplay married to some of the most interesting maps in the series. It retains the thicker atmosphere of the PlayStation 1 Doom with its foreboding music and lighting, but also brings in a sense of fun with its secret gimmick levels and memorably unusual traps.

Here’s hoping this is the start of a weird trend and we get some more classic console versions of largely PC-centric games. Duke Nukem 64 will do for a start, please and thank you.