Our Mega Man 11 episode is truly a house divided

You're gonna want to activate your Power Gear to make your opinion heard for this one.

This week's episode has actually been recorded and on hold for more than 10 months at this point, as you'll realize once we start referring to the current year being 2018 and the current president of Nintendo of America as Reggie Fils-Aime. The thing is, this episode of Retronauts is just too hot for radio. We've been taking out time before dropping this ultra-spicy conversation, because the world just hasn't been ready.

And maybe the world still isn't ready, but here comes our Mega Man 11 critique all the same. 

I think Retronauts conversations usually involve a fair amount of consensus—not identical opinions, necessarily, but at least a tendency for all parties to approach a topic from a generally similar perspective. Not this time, though! We have decidedly varied opinions on Mega Man 11 and how well it fits into the overall framework of the franchise. Our special guest this week, world-famous Mega Man expert Nadia Oxford, really likes the game. Whereas I, world-infamous Mega Man game ranker Jeremy Parish... do not.

Can we still be friends? You'll have to listen and see for yourself.

I know we've had a couple of episodes in close proximity looking at modern iterations of beloved legacy franchise, and there's another one due soon. But don't worry. We do still talk about old games here. Even if we do it by holding on to a podcast recording so long that the new release under discussion has become retro...

Retronauts Episode 254: Mega Man 11's Classic Roots
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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, and Nadia Oxford get equipped with opinions about the latest entry in the Mega Man series and how it upholds the franchise's lengthy legacy. This one's been in the vaults so long that Mega Man 11 is almost retro now!

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