Doom gets reloaded on PS4/XB1/Switch

OK, Doomer

The most beloved games company in the world, Bethesda, have announced on some sort of stream that their  slightly disappointing modern ports of Doom and Doom 2 are soon to be getting some quite significant updates. On top of unspecified quality-of-life upgrades (60fps, etc), they'll be throwing in Final Doom (a terrifyingly hard 64-level ordeal), No Rest For The Living (a very enjoyable extra episode, previously included with last-gen versions of Doom 2), Sigil (John Romero's recent brand new "MegaWAD", a full episode for the original Doom) and - most intriguingly - support for community WADs.

The extent of said community support is unknown, but naturally it's going to be heavily curated - I imagine there's no chance of the major consoles freely allowing user-generated content that originated outside of their ecosystem - but it's still pretty exciting to think we might get classic WADs like Alien Vendetta and Scythe on consoles.

Ah, so that's what Doom looks like.

The inclusion of Final Doom is cool in a completist sense, but I've never found it that much fun and on console I can't see myself getting past about, ooh, level three. No Rest For The Living was really good and interesting so it's a welcome inclusion that had confused me with its initial absence. I haven't yet played Sigil and I've heard mixed things but for free, sure, I'll give it a go!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - apparently all of this will be free. Good old Bethesda! Bless their cotton socks! Boy, am I glad we live in a world with companies like Bethesda just doin' their gosh-darndest to make us gamers happy! (Clicks heels) Oooooh-wee!