Go inside the creation of Command & Conquer with Episode 269

End the year with us on a journey into the last realm unsullied by capitalism.

2019 may not have been the best year for everyone, but I will say this for it: At least it gave me the opportunity to draw Tim Curry for an episode cover illustration.

You can tell we all have a little 2019 senioritis this week. As with my previous Game Developer Conference interviews, this episode combines a warm, insightful first-person account of the creation of a classic game (in this case, Command & Conquer) courtesy of someone who was there to experience it themselves (in this case, Westwood Studios founder Louis Castle) with an opening segment in the studio intended to offer some helpful context for the game itself. I'm not entirely certain how helpful this episode's "context" actually is, though. It's a bit on the punchy side—probably due to a lack of oxygen reaching our brains or something. But hopefully you get the idea of what C&C is all about and can forgive us for being a little loopy after surviving this year.

Thanks for listening to Retronauts this past year/decade, and here's to (1) an even better 2020 and (2) a ragingly superior decade to come!

Retronauts Episode 269: Command & Conquer (With Louis Castle)
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Episode description: The Retronauts East crew offers a (very) loose overview of Westwood Studios' Command & Conquer series as a lead-in to Jeremy Parish's interview with Woodwest founder Louis Castle on the creation of the original game (among other topics).