Mega Man 10 is 10

It's Mega Man X! Wait, no. This is... really confusing.

Well, here it is. Mega Man 10 is, itself, ten. Years old. It's ten years old, that's -- you get it. A game created to be a throwback to retro games is now a retro game. Has this ever happened before?! Well, yes. Mega Man 9 was retro a couple of years ago. But never mind that. Mega Man 10.

It's a curious game. After the success of its forebear, the arguable apex of the "Classic" series of Mega Man adventures, a tenth instalment was inevitable. Duly, it came, and it was weird. Super weird in a way that calls to mind the somewhat-reviled SNES instalment, Mega Man 7. See, in Mega Man 10, it's not enough just to have the right Robot Master weapons for each boss battle. Oh, ho ho no. You have to actually use them skilfully. It's completely unfair to people like me.

What this amounts to is - for example - dropping Chill Man's weapon on the ground to create a "spike trap" for Nitro Man to drive over. Instead of just, y'know, freezing him. Which you can do, but it's hideously inefficient. Also, the weapons are kinda weird and unwieldy. Except Blade Man's, whose armament will be your best friend pretty much throughout the game.

Is it obvious I didn't like Mega Man 10 very much? Of course it was, eh, it was fine. But it didn't have that "holy crap" factor of Mega Man 9; we'd already had the throwback. Thankfully, after another eight years we got Mega Man 11, but I didn't enjoy that either. Feh!

Nonetheless, happy decade, Mega Man 10. Your "Roboenza" pandemic plotline was oddly prescient.