Retronauts Episode 305: The Year 2010

No Roy Scheider jokes, please

Double Rainbow. Vuvuzelas. Sad Keanu. These are just a few of things that pop into our collective subconscious when anyone mentions the year 2010. However, our team at Retronauts has done the research and discovered that there were also a great many video games that came out in 2010 which, by eternal decree, are now ten years old and officially designated as "retro" games. In this episode (recorded remotely for safety reasons) Jeremy runs down a list of 2010 video games with Ben Elgin and Chris Sims as they share what thoughts come to their minds. Some of these games have already had dedicated episodes, some may receive episodes in the future. But in the here and now, this episode is its own episode and there is no one who can deny that.

Description: The Retronauts East crew reunites (virtually) to complete their journey through the 2020 Years in Review Revue, wrapping up with a look at 2010—a year overflowing with greatness! Jeremy Parish, Chris Sims, and Ben Elgin buckle beneath its weight.

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Artwork for this episode by Amanda Pruitt and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy