Retronauts Episode 308: Sid Meier's Civilization & Magic: The Gathering

Our pandemic protocol pays off with another pair of pleasant people

Our latest episode of Retronauts is another conversation combo of two unrelated topics fused together into one, but this time there's a twist: we have a special guest joining us for both halves of the conversation, bringing added continuity and class! That guest is Shivam Bhatt and after chatting with Jeremy about Sid Meier's Civilization, the two of them are joined by Bill Nielsen who, as a Retronauts supporter on Patreon, requested a discussion of Magic: The Gathering which is a subject Shivam knows very well - so much so he has his own podcast dedicated to the game. Thank you Shivam and Bill for your combined expertise!

Description: Friend of the show Shivam Bhatt features this week as we talk about two gaming topics dear to his heart: Sid Meier's Civilization and (by patron request of segment guest Bill Nielsen) Magic: The Gathering.

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