Retronauts Episode 314: Ape Escape & The History of Game History

Ape meets Phoenix this week thanks to our pandemic protocol

Pandemic protocol once again affords us an opportunity to offer you two distinct conversations in a single audio file, and while I usually try to scour for an angle to connect our disparate topics, today I am throwing my hands in the air and saying "they're both about video games, what more do you want?"

First, Jeremy welcomes Joseph Wawzonek, a Retronauts supporter on Patreon, to talk about Sony's once-upon-a-time technical showcase series, Ape Escape. Yes, the game about catching runaway primates is at least part of the reason all PlayStation controllers have dual-analog sticks to this day.

Following that, Jeremy has a chat with author Leonard Herman about his work chronicling the history of video games back before anyone thought that work had value. He wrote his books regardless of what publishers told him and found an audience, and this week we all get a chance to listen to his journey.

Description: A diverse double-header this week as Jeremy Parish fields a patron request from Joseph Wawzonek to discuss Sony's Ape Escape before dipping into the vaults for a chat with game archivist Leonard Herman about the history of chronicling game history.

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Artwork for this episode by Jon Pading and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.