Retronauts Episode 327: Numskull & Fire Pro Wrestling

WARNING: the 80s nostalgia is powerful this week

I must caution all listeners to prepare themselves mentally for this latest episode of Retronauts: our two separate conversations this week will almost certainly make you wish you could go do something that's no longer possible.

First, Jeremy speaks to Chris Hill, Matt Precious, and Karl Mizen from Numskull Designs, a company that licenses classic games in order to produce unconventional merchandise. Of particular interest to Jeremy (and Retronauts listeners as well, I believe) is their line of Quarter Arcade models: scaled-down replica arcade cabinets which are painstaking recreations of the original designs: at 17 inches/43 cm tall, they're no mini-consoles!

Suddenly (via a separate phone call) regular guest Chris Sims runs into the arena to grab the mike and sell the heck out of Fire Pro Wrestling, a series of wrestling games that has stubbornly stuck with 2D graphics for decades now but retains a hardcore cult following both in Japan and abroad. And I do mean sell - Chris' passion for Fire Pro was so strong I went directly to the PSN store and bought myself a copy! Do you believe me now when I warned you this episode might drive you to act out??

Description: Jeremy connects with the minds behind Numskull's ever-expanding collection of classic arcade mini-cabinets, then tags in Chris Sims to discuss the history and wonders of Spike Chun Soft's Fire Pro Wrestling franchise.

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.