Retronauts 353: Metroid Prime

If only the GameCube had been a GameSphere...

Expert-level Retronauts fans might know that the original Metroid turns 35 this year, but unless you're scanning ahead you might not know that Metroid Prime turns 20 next year. These numbers don't really mean anything, of course, except to say that it was high time we spent an entire episode on Metroid Prime, the very first 3D Metroid adventure.

Host Jeremy Parish welcomes Brave Wave's Mohammed Taher and Axe of the Blood God's Nadia Oxford to dig deep into the circumstances of Metroid Prime's creation and release before settling into a discussion of what made the game a successful adaptation of the 2D Metroid formula.

(Selfish insert: as a 2D-die-hard, I never quite saw the appeal of Metroid Prime, but this episode made me hopeful that the rumors of a Metroid Prime trilogy adaptation for Switch becomes a reality because I'm willing to give Samus Aran an unlimited number of chances)

Description: By patron request, Jeremy Parish sends an emergency broadcast to Nadia Oxford and Mohammed Taher to discuss the Space Pirate activities taking place on Tallon IV and what ace bounty hunter Samus Aran is doing to stop them. Equip your podcast visor!

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.