Retronauts Episode 419: Pikmin

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I'm not much for horticulture; no one ever accused me of having a "green thumb," and in all the years I've spent outside my parents' homes, I've never owned or cared for any plants. Would that be different if there were plants I could command to do my bidding? I don't know!

20 years ago, for the diminutive GameCube, Nintendo explored that idea in Pikmin, a tale of a tiny explorer crash-landing on our planet and instead of finding giant people, he instead encounters and domesticates a species of even tinier creatures who grow in the ground.

Host Jeremy Parish is joined by three guests this week: Chat of the Wild's Bryan Auer, PC Gamer's Wesley Fenlon, and Talking Simpsons' Henry Gilbert. Coincidentally, three is the exact number of varieties of Pikmin! Listeners, I leave it to you to decide who is red, who is blue, and who is yellow.

Description: Henry Gilbert, Bryan Auer, and Wesley Fenlon heed the call of Jeremy Parish's whistle and race to gather as much information about Nintendo's Pikmin franchise as possible, then return it to the Onion before sunset.

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Artwork for this episode by Shaan Khan and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.