Retronauts Episode 429: Zool

Prepare Yourself

Ninjas have been a staple of pop culture for decades, and not just in their native homeland of Japan. James Bond trained alongside ninjas in the 1960s, and by the 80s ninjas were seen on every video store shelf in America. So of course, ninjas frequently appear as protagonists in video games.

But did you know there's no written rule that says a ninja must be a human being? Case in point: This week's episode of Retronauts is all about Zool, a "ninja from the nth dimension" who might be definitely is not an ant but neither is he a person. He sure seems fond of collecting people-food though, and there's a conspicuous amount of Chupa Chups logos wherever he goes.

Talking us through this interdimensional journey is host Stuart Gipp in a super-sized episode. First Stu chats with Dave Bulmer from Sonic the Comic the Podcast about general Zool history. This is followed by an interview with Ian Stewart, co-founder of Gremlin Graphics, and Rob Funnell of Sumo Digital about Zool Redimensioned, the 2021 remaster. You don't have to suck on a lollipop to enjoy this episode, but it helps!

Description: What is a Zool? Why is there so much fruit? And why do you tilt "up" to jump? All these questions and more answered in a double-feature podcast featuring a chat with Dave Bulmer and a backup interview with the Zool ReDimensioned team!

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Artwork for this episode by Leeann Hamilton and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.