Retronauts Episode 437: High Fidelity Classic Gaming Redux

More acronyms than YCSASA

Video games. We love them, but they have one inexorable weak point: To be enjoyed, they should be played, and that requires specific hardware/software. That goes double for retro video games, which are often tied to consoles or services which are no longer commercially available. Would you like to play Capcom's excellent home conversion of Bionic Commando? You'll need a cartridge which is long out of print and a machine that's likely been gathering dust on a shelf for three decades.

Or…maybe you don't. In this episode, lead Retronauts hardware historian Jeremy Parish speaks to fellow experts in the field of how to experience retro games in our current age. Topics include software emulation, clone consoles, and modern display options for elderly hardware. Some of these topics were brought up in our last episode on this subject but that was seven years ago—a lot has changed since then!

Joining Jeremy are fellow Limited Run Games' specialist Joe Modzeleski and Porkchop Express from For more about MiSTer in general (beginning with the basic question "what is MiSTer?") check out our episode on the subject from 2019.

Description: Jeremy Parish, Joe Modzeleski of Limited Run Games, and Porkchop Express of revisit a topic from long ago (episode 62!): The many evolving options for experiencing classic games in top quality. The play field keeps changing...

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Artwork for this episode by Nick Wanserski and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.