Retronauts Episode 488: Jak & Daxter

"Ottsel"? Why not "Weaster"?

Many years ago, before devoting a king's ransom worth of resources to make The Last of Us again, developer Naughty Dog was most famous for creating Crash Bandicoot, de facto PlayStation mascot of the 1990s. But when the PlayStation yielded the market to its successor, the PlayStation 2, Naughty Dog had left the marsupial behind. Instead, the studio gave us a pair of action-seeking pals named Jak and Daxter in a video game titled Jak & Daxter.

This week, host Stuart Gipp leads our discussion of the once-popular platformer series, joined by guests John Linneman of Digital Foundry and writer/game developer Thomas Nickel. None of these men will transform into a talking animal hybrid at any point during this episode; I hope that's not a dealbreaker, since their conversation is full of insight into the Jak & Daxter franchise.

Description: Join Stuart Gipp with guests John Linneman and Thomas Nickel for a hop, skip, and headshot through this fantasy future world. Jak's gonna kill Praxis, and we here at Retronauts are gonna kill praxis.

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Artwork for this episode by Leeann Hamilton and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.