Retronauts Episode 534: Fallout: New Vegas

Ain't that a SHOT in the head??

Fallout 3, originally released in 2008, put the series in the spotlight after years of relative cult status. The first-person perspective, the new V.A.T.S., the open world approach, it all combined to make the game an immediate phenomenon. A sequel was, how you say, a sure-thing.

Yet instead of Fallout 4, in 2010 we got Fallout: New Vegas, a loose spinoff that told an all-new story in a new location, but didn't exactly follow up the events of Fallout 3. No matter; critics and fans quickly embraced the game, with some even calling it a highlight of the franchise.

Host Bob Mackey is one of those people for sure, and his guests Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross likewise offer high praise for Fallout: New Vegas. Who would have thought gambling on Las Vegas would pay off?

Description: With 2008's Fallout 3 bringing the fabled RPG series to a new generation of players who couldn't—or didn't want to—play the first two games, Bethesda had an audience poised and ready for more post-apocalyptic RPG fun. With Skyrim currently in the works, the developer turned to Obsidian Entertainment to transform an abandoned Fallout project into a fitting sequel in just 18 months. And what could have felt like a cheap cash-in ended up being the series' finest moment to date.

On this week's episode, join Bob Mackey, Gary Butterfield, and Kole Ross as the crew drinks plenty of refreshing Sunset Sarsaparilla and talks about the sprawling, somewhat messy masterpiece known as Fallout: New Vegas.

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