Retronauts Episode 537: Final Fantasy ROM hacks

Hate Chaos? There's a mod for that.

This week's episode of Retronauts ticks a lot of boxes on our list of favorite topics. Game preservation? Check. Emulation? Check. Final Fantasy? CHECK.

Yes, Square Enix's RPG series takes center stage on the podcast once again, but this time we're focusing on unofficial versions created by fans that go where the original creators never dared. Even in a franchise with a long history of ports, remasters, and re-releases, not every Final Fantasy game is perpetually available or accessible. Some were never translated. Some remain locked on defunct hardware. Some are just too dang hard!

Host Nadia Oxford welcomes Andrew Vestal and Steve Tramer to dive into the deep end of Final Fantasy, one crafted and created by fans instead of a corporation. Not everything they uncover is "safe for work" or includes a manufacturer's "seal of approval" but much of it has merit nonetheless.

Description: Nadia Oxford talks with special guests Andrew Vestal and Steve Tramer about Final Fantasy fan games. Some are built from the ground-up, some alter the original adventure via ROM patches, and some add hours of new content to gems like Final Fantasy VI.

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Artwork for this episode by Leeann Hamilton and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.