Retronauts Episode 582: Years in Review Revue: 1974 1984

Not a crook, where's the beef, etc.

Happy New Year listeners, welcome to 2024. As is our custom, we like to spend the first few episodes each January looking back into the past to see what anniversaries are coming up, hence this podcast recapping 1974 and 1984.

Neither our host Jeremy Parish nor his guests Benj Edwards or Kevin Bunch were actually alive in 1974, but they've done their homework so there's plenty to discuss. So much, in fact, that some tidbits from 1984 will be covered in a future episode about 1994. The years, they're slipping together!

Description: As we move into 2024, Jeremy Parish, Benj Edwards, and Kevin Bunch look back in time to the years 1974 and ’84 to explore the gaming events taking place 40 and 50 ago. History! Events! Happenings! Bad jokes! It's all here, friends.

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Artwork for this episode by Amanda Neipris and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.